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Behind the Lens

Behind the Lens

Thanks for checking out my work! I totally believe that liking your photographer is a key element to capturing successful images, so let me introduce myself: my name is Sharayah (pronounced : Shuh-RAY-uh). I am a professional photographer based out of Wisconsin. I specialize in creating dynamic and unique portraits for families, high school seniors, models, and brides, as well as lifestyle birth photography. I'm a mom to a wonderful little boy, and have a passion for helping others and a love of all things artistic and out of the box! I am also a graphic designer, which helps me bring a creative edge to all of my portraits.

I consider myself an “Image Artist” because I take the time to both plan for my shoots and then to enhance all of my work to reflect the essence of the subject--whether its creating stylized senior portraits that are as fun and edgy as a 17-year old rockstar hopeful or whether it is making a bride look her absolute best so she will cherish her wedding album and remember exactly how beautiful she felt on her day. My background in design helps me on the post-production side of photography, as I have been using image enhancement software for over 12 years. I have an education in fine art photography & visual communiactions, so I am able to capture things others might miss.

I am available for all sorts of sessions-from creative senior portraits to fun on-location family shoots. With the exception of lifestyle birth photography or newborns, I prefer to work outdoors, weather permitting, with a combination of available light and my own lighting equipment-(I light all of my portraits to help you look your very best), but I do have portable studio equipment so I can be versatile in the services I provide.
My style is colorful, creative, and I do a lot of playing around with light, as you can see from my portfolioI also offer 1:1 tutoring and workshops in basic photography skills to help you take better pictures of your kids and events when I am not around! :) 

I offer flexible (yet competitive) pricing for all of my events and portrait sessions. Contact me today to schedule a FREE consultation and we can start customizing a session package that works best for you!

Call or text: 719.761.6721

Or Connect with Me on Facebook!

What's in my Bag

For those who are interested, I carry an assortment of top of the line gear, and sometimes people ask me what I use, so here's the basic breakdown:


Camera Bodies:

Canon EOS R

Canon 5d Mark 3

Canon 70D


Canon L 24-105mm  f/4 Lens (my favorite!)

Canon L 70-200mm f/2.8 

Canon 50mm 1.4mm prime lens

Sigma SUPER zoom for outings

5 flashes  (I generally use 1-2)

Umbrella Soft Boxes for convenience and portability, along with stands

A variety of light diffusers and modifiers to let me optimize the available light

Some gimmicky fun stuff like remotes, wireless triggers, filters, LED lights, FUN PROPS, etc.

My Assistant (who usually is carrying my bag, not in it!) 

...& Over 10 years of experience with portraiture and a true PASSION for creating beautiful images.

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